Environment Policy

Company Philosophy

“Great Environmental” is our slogan, and we practice “Environmentally Friendly Manufacturing”.

Basic Environmental Guidelines

Environmental protection as one of the most important issues in Nisseieco. Promote protection of global environment and resources, prevention of environmental pollution. Achieve ongoing improvement in the quality of environmental conservation activities.


1. In order to promote the conservation of the global environment. Nisseieco build up the organization and management system for Environment. 2. We comply with laws and regulations of environment management and build up necessary “Voluntary Standards” and make sure the standards is followed. 3. We manage “Waste Separation” and promote the reduction of waste, such as waste plastic. 4. We supply products that is kind to environmental and reduce environmental burden. 5. We set up target for environment standards and make Action Plan of environmental management. We check how we are making progress from time to time and make sure we are improving 6. We make a plan of Audit for Environment Management. And we try hard to keep and improve the environmental management system. 7. In order to raise awareness for the environment mind, we promote education of environment management. 8. We contribute to the local community through environment conservation activities. 9. Release the “Environment Management Policy” to public. 1 December 2008 Nisseieco Ltd. Managing director Takashi Asano Significant Environmental Aspects 2015


Quality Policy

Base on “Quality No.1” and “care for customers” concept, provide services that satisfy customers.

Commitment of director

I will create and implement quality management system base on ISO9001. Check and improve the effectiveness continuously via the items as below. a) We improve knowledge to comply laws, regulations and to answer to customers’ requests. b) We list up quality policy and set up goals of quality. We promote Action Plan to reach goals. Also, we promote the following details of Action Plan. 1. Standardization 2. Stabilization and Improvement of Quality 3. Punctual Delivery Time 4. Development New Business and Customer 5. Customer Satisfaction c) We conform the effectiveness of quality management system by management review. We implement the required quality improvement. d) In order to improve the business performance, We try to use re-allocation management resources. e) We work hard for customers’ benefit and our stakeholders, such as shareholders, employees, business partners and local society and neighborhood. Also We contribute to the global environment protection. 1 July 2016 Nisseieco Ltd. Managing director Takashi Asano
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