From Design to Manufacture


No need for complete blueprints. From your rough idea our technical engineer will draw schematic picture of your idea. For example, the picture show the shape and size of product form customer. And we have to make a cover for this product. We suggested this Clover shaped cover and it is suitable for multiple size of products. You can use them as a suitable cover for 3φ~10φ terminals. You can also save the cost and time of inventory control. We are a company of idea and suggestion. Please feel free to contact us.

Custom Made Functional Materials


To meet various customer’s needs, we offer custom made functional material for Heat, Fire, Whether Resistant, Flexibility, Deodorizing etc….. Even we produce our original materials and always try to get better quality and performance…. Up to now, halogen-free ECO-01 tube, high temperature resistant corrugated tube for automotive, rat proof tube, weatherability, flame resisting (V2, V0 fair), antistatic, electromagnetic protective, etc. Products with special functional need can be custom made. Our R&D people can offer to solve any issue of customers. If you have any difficulties about DIP products or functional materials. Please feel free to contact us.

Mechanical Mold Make


As our motto, “All In One” say, we do everything in our company, starting Mold make to mass production smoothly and quickly. And such a medical lumen tube which require high accuracy can be made in this department. We start from process program in CADCAM room and send the data to machining center to get mold make. We offer suggestion of form design to procedure of production with other departments. And you will be satisfied with costs and quality. Bigger size of the sample TRY1 are also available. It can be used for different test, such a fitting compatibility and or change the setting again and again until we can get the best setting. Especially this apply for high-end products and precision component. Quality of these product will get profound change by a small different of mold. Even a small change we will confirm with you before we keep going.

Sample Supply


We can provide you sample using 3D printer, also we can get it done quickly because we have our own mold department. Even you have a limited time we can provide you complete system from test sample to mass production process to meet your needs and we can do it because we have PVC molding products division.

Nisseieco “ All In One” system of ”From molding to assembling”.
Molding, R&D, mold manufacturing, assembling.
To meet various customer’s needs, providing sample is possible.

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