Sticking to value “IDEA”


First, “Idea” is everything, Nisseieco stick to value “Idea”!

We put our value, “Momentum”, “Greeting”, “Market Leader”, Gratitude”, then follow the slogan to educate “Idea”. “First, start with “Idea”, and try to take action, after well prepared for the action” “Once decided take action right away, now and quickly!” “With successful result you made a progress, in case failure we are a step backward” These are Nisseieco’s most valued “Idea”. We started from “Dip Molding”, and we followed the idea “First let’s do it” then we accomplished not only resin molding using injection, but also Mold making, inventing materials by ourselves in our company. That is really suited to be called “All In One” Policy. We believe in case we have a solid “Idea”, our company will prosper with even the change of the management!

Properly setting up work environment, is the President role


“Management Philosophy” and “Planning” are the core idea of Management of corporation. It’s natural to have a philosophy of ideal management style. And it is responsibility of President to ask employee as a team, to reach “Short term target and Long term target”, which he set. That is just like, Children realize the Father’s dream, and the motivation of the family is going up? We made Mold making section when employee wanted to do it, and to the request of employee, who has experience of respiratory at previous job, to form Medical Section and developed cannula and became number 1 in Japan! If employee asked to be a President, we just need to build a new company. President role is to arrange the work environment so as employee’s dream can come true!

Characteristic of Nisseieco

“All In One” Production System


“All In One” production process, from Design & Mold making to molding products mass production handled at Head Office. We could not say it as “All In One”, just gathering necessarlly machine. We do anything by ourselves as selfsufficient style, take action right away, once we thought it best.These are the bottom line idea of Nisseieco. Our mold making Div. is at the entrance of our Head Office with transparent glasses as dividing office and entrance and our visitors would be surprised to find them as so bold for the technology. We do check “5S” is properly done any time, and the meaning of our exposure of our Mold making Div. to the visitors are our expression that “All In One” system is our core value!

Proposal of best molding solution


We propose best solution of molding products Our Molding Division join the kick off meeting for the project, starting to check design, and advise like “This way makes products safer from the quality point of view or This shape will give us much more cost saving with efficient production ” These proposal from our side is the idea to include actual production stage. Work process without separation enable this advice. And this is another merits of “All in One” process. And this kind of proposal will enhance your quality level of design.

Leading Supply Capacity


We have been doing our best to do everything on our own from machinery, materials, and even mold making to prepare for the worst case scenario. In case we had a trouble on machine, we could send our engineer of Head Office. And also many aspects can be controlled on our own and our Global factory can be managed smoothly. We could say that Global factories have many unexpected thing and this “All in One” idea with self-sufficiency will work.

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