Specialist in Injection Molding, using soft material


While the Injection industry has been using hard materials, Nisseieco joined this industry, using elastomer materials. We are specialize in injection molding using soft material which is said to be very difficult and time consuming. Soft nature of materials enable us to get technology to makes bellows shape, elaborate at runner and gate, to improve bump, resulting almost no need for 2nd processing. We achieved unmanned production system which could not be done in conventional way. We believe that nobody can beat us for these knowhow of these accumulated technology. Also, we can supply not only Injection Molding but also DIP molding service (Molding technology using liquid dipping method) Even customers request for small quantity, we can offer suggestion which is the best idea in terms of cost. These are one of our service.

DIP molding page

Molding using soft material such as an elastomer


Optical fiber is glass and brittle material. If it is bent it tightly, it will be broken. There are parts called boot to prevent it. Certainly it can not be too soft or too hard. It requires appropriate softness. Also, elaborate skill is needed for groove of notch and it only bend for just needed one direction. We have to confirm that the optical fiber to bend correctly. To these features, Nisseieco use elastomer resin to produce complicated shapes with mold and provide stable mass production quality. Mass production started in China and contribute to reduce cost. We own most of mold of standard product.

Many color variations for Color Management System


Nisseieco use soft PVC for injection molding, and there are many color variations and also transparent color one too. The demands of quality control is increasing now. Color Management System is used at construction and production site.

List of injection molding product

Nisseieco “ All In One” system of ”From molding to assembling”.
Molding, R&D, mold manufacturing, assembling.
To meet various customer’s needs, providing sample is possible.

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