Safe and reliable products due to every assembling parts made in-house


We do not only extrusion molding, DIP molding and injection molding, but also provide secondary processing such as assembly and cutting. Especially Shanghai factory is ISO13485 certified factory for the quality management system of medical equipment. More than 5 million molding assembly performance. Please let us handle products which demand high accuracy. Case of assembly:left of picture=PVC tube minimum φ1.2 maximum φ13 Extrusion(Shanghai, Nasu factory), center of picture=Branch for two-pronged joint DIP(Head Quarter), right of picture=Lure connector Injection(Headquarter). More than 500 types of parts can be produced by this technology.

List of assembly products

Nisseieco “ All In One” system of ”From molding to assembling”.
Molding, R&D, mold manufacturing, assembling.
To meet various customer’s needs, providing sample is possible.

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