Nisseieco Nasu Factory Aerial Video


We have took the aerial video at Nasu factory. Nisseieco Nasu factory is located in natural place called Nasunomachi West. There are office, PVC tube factory, corrugate factory, material warehouse, distribution warehouse. Please visit our Nasu factory. Please check the other video of us in Youtube. Page of NISSEI GROUP video


2016 Summer Holidays & Stocktaking


Dear, Thank you very much for the care of us. There are summer holidays and stocktaking between August and September. We are sorry about the shipment will be paused during summer holidays and stocktaking. If you have any problem or emergency request, please feel free to contact us. Summer Holidays 11 Aug 2016(Thu) ~ 15 Aug 2016(Mon) 16 Aug 2016(Tue) ~ Working day Stocktaking 31 Aug 2016(Wed) ~ 1 Sep 2016(Thu) Shipment pauses 2 Sep 2016(Fri) Shipment restores Contacts Fujisawa factory: Chin (in charge of affairs) Nasu factory: Kiyomizu (in charge of affairs) Please contact us as soon as possible if you have any problem.


Fujisawa 360° Photograph


Nisseieco Fujisawa factory 360° Photograph Please check the photograph if you are first time visit our factory. You can drag the mouse to see the other angle of the photograph. [cardboard id=”1025″]


Web Site Renewal


Homepage of Nisseieco have been updated at 1 Jun 2016. We updated more information of our technology and products. It also support mobile mechanic such as smartphone. Thank you for visiting our page.


Antistatic Plastic Injection Molding


In order to protect different types of products. We provide injection molding products which made by “AR Antistatic” material. Since plastic is easy to accumulate static electricity, “AR Antistatic” material will permanently exhibit the antistatic effect. Injection molding products which made by styrene elastomer is as soft as PVC products. We also provide PVC-free products for various customer’s needs. Antistatic plastic injection molding is great for dust proof, avoid any damage from ESD. “AR Cap” is our standard product. We also do R & D to meet various customer’s needs. Please feel free to contact us. Product Example: AR Cap Application: Protect terminals, receiver, leak prevention of drug, etc 1.Replace …続きを読む


Soft PVC Injection Molding


Nisseieco use soft PVC for injection molding, and there are many color variations also transparent color one too. It is easier to define different products by different color. Transparent color is also available. Injection molding is very accurate. The accuracy of products of injection molding always surprising people. Nowadays, the demand of quality control is increasing. Color identification must be useful to reduce the misses of construction and production. Nisseieco “ All In One” system of ”From molding to assembling”. We meet various customer’s needs as soon as possible. Please feel free to contact us.


Injection Molding Factory Tour is available now


Nisseieco injection molding factory tour is available now. This tour is for people whom do not know the method of injection molding. Leaflet of injection molding factory tour Please contact us if you are interest. TEL:0466-48-7572 FAX:0466-48-8177


DIP Molding Factory Tour is available now


Nisseieco DIP molding factory tour is available now. This tour is for people whom do not know the method of DIP molding. Leaflet of DIP molding factory tour Please contact us if you are interest.  TEL:0466-48-7572 FAX:0466-48-8177


Analytical Investigation and Analysis Services are available now


Analytical investigation and analysis services are available now. Please feel free to contact us if you are interested. Scanning Electron Microscope(SEM) 【Features】 High vacuum, low vacuum, close to atmospheric pressure ESEM observation mode Analyze element distribution by EDX detector Image observation function at 1000℃ 【Investigation Details】 Plating layer analysis, investigation of surface treatment, Corrosion cause, impurities 【Analysis Example】 Plating corrosion investigation Containing analysis of halogen iodine printing Foreign object analysis of injection molding and extrusion molding products EDX-GP X-ray fluorescence spectrometer 【Features】 Irradiate to the test sample with X-ray No preprocessing Available with solid, liquid, powder, etc 【Investigation Details】 Elemental analysis, microanalysis, foreign object analysis 【Analysis Example】 Substance elemental of …続きを読む


Heat-resisting, Rat‐proof Tube ~Now adopted in Brazil for white goods~


DCF00020.JPG[/caption] Corrugated tube with repellent(Pepper pungent component), mouse will not bite the tube because it taste hot. It can significantly reduce the damage caused by rats. Not just white goods, it can be used for kitchen instrument, indoor wiring, ceiling wiring, etc. Specs Material: 105°c heatproof temperature PVC (RoHS) Color: gray Size: inner diameter φ4 ~ φ22 Fire-resistant: VW-1


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