From material design to extrusion molding


We supply heat-resistant corrugate tube which is used by EV, HV, PHV type cars, medical appliance, and such as trachea cannula which require high quality control management by extrusion molding. The main feature of our extrusion molding is that we start form compound of materials. This process allow us to supply customized tube, with such hardness, heat-resistant, color, or less of environmentally hazardous substances, etc match to our customers needs. As our name, Nissei Eco shows we are always conscious and serious about Environment. We think about ECO environment before we make decision. Please see our prototype development page for our material analysis machine. We also do After Processing of extrusion molding, such as slit, size, combine with injection molding product. Please feel free to contact us.

Prototype development page

Extrusion Molding Method


All the tubes are produced by extrusion molding. We extrude dissolved plastic resin with extruder and pull it with winder in appropriate speed. Let the tube pass through to the corrugator with corrugate mold. This is how corrugate tube are produced.

List of extruded products

Nisseieco “ All In One” system of ”From molding to assembling”.
Molding, R&D, mold manufacturing, assembling.
To meet various customer’s needs, providing sample is possible.

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