History of Nisseieco

October 1970Takeji Inamura started as sole proprietor in Ayase, Kanagawa Pre.
August 1973Moved to Ayase Yoshioka
September 1975Established Inamura Dip Incorporation with capital of JPY 3 mil
December 1977Developed a fully automatic dipping molding machine
June 1979Started Ayase Plant and Injection Molding machine
June 1981Endo factory opened in Fujisawa Endo
February 1982Acquired UL certificate (File No. E81260)
January 1984Moved current address, Yoda and started Head Office and Plant
January 1984Capital increased to JPY 8 mil
June 1985Introduced PVC Paste Machine
August 1986Established Nissei Trading, Thailand
September 1986Takeji Inamura became the president of Nissei Trading
October 1986Michio Inamura became President of Inamura Dip Inc.
August 1987Nissei Yamagata Co., Ltd. established
September 1990Changed Incorporation to Company Limited and increased capital to JPY 20 mil
February 1993Increased capital to JPY 32 mil
August 1993Acquired CSA Certificate
June 1994Started Shanghai Plant
October 1996Production of extruded tube started in Shanghai
August 1998Acquired ISO09002 (SGS)
April 1999Changed Company name to Nissei Eco Co., Ltd.
April 1999Acquired UL Certificate VW-1
June 1999Production of corrugated tube in Tochigi Nasu factory
July 2000Acquire the adjacent building, increased Capital to JPY 57.6 mil
December 2000Acquired ISO14001
April 2001Production of fiber accessories started
May 2001Production of injection mold started
December 2002Acquired “F” Mark of Electrical Appliance Material Control Law
February 2003Acquired ISO9001-2000
June 2003Started production of Catheter of Medical kit
November 2003Started Hui- Zhou, China Plant
September 2004Self-manufacture of molding machine started
October 2005Introduce optical molding machine and design department started
November 2005NISSEI ECO VIETNAM established and Takashi Asano became president
May 2006Employee training center expanded in headquarters
June 2006Successfully developed De-Polyvinyle Chloride “ECO-01” tube and received VW-1
September 2007Shanghai received Medical ISO13485 and started production of Medical Tube for use at home
November 2008Takashi Asano became President & COO
January 2009Started Tianjin, China Plant
April 2009Electromagnetic wave absorbing colgated tube developed
August 2009Japanese Government (Ministry of Economy, Trade & Industry), Approved joint research with Nissei Eco allocating JPY 70 mil
September 2009Headquarters adjacent land 1800㎡ acquired and machine department expanded
May 2010Nasu factory expanded 825㎡ to be tube manufacturing and shipment field
November 2010Successfully developed φ5 Double Corrugated Tube Machine, fastest in the world
January 2011Transfer the Shanghai factory
May 2011Indonesia Suruyachiputa industrial 1.7ha acquired
August 2011Nissei Eco Indonesia established and Takashi Asano as president
December 20118250㎡ factory site acquired in Ayukai industrial estate, Shirataka , Yamagata
December 2012Started Binh Duong (Ho-Chi-Ming) , Vietnam Plant
April 2013Started Nissei Eco, Indonesia Plant
November 2013Manabu Inamura became the CEO of Nissei group, Takashi Asano became the COO of Nisseieco
November 2014Li Hai Ying became director, deputy general Manager of Shanghai and general manager of Huizhou
May 2015Nasu factory distribution center completed
October 2015NISSEI ECO VIETNAM Phase 3 extension 1200㎡ factory space has been completed
March 2016Vietnam Plant opened Clean Room and started Medical Cannula
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