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Country: Borderless assistance with same quality and service From China, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, and Japan… We deliver high quality molded plastic products with speed and we can contribute to enhance your local purchasing ratio of material to match your need for globalization.

Headquarters (Fujisawa)


We manufacture the DIP products and injection product in Fujisawa factory, Kanagawa. There are mold department, machine department, material Department, R&D Department to cover from sample make to mass production and new projects (Custom made mold, design and new materials development). We are doing our best to serve you best every day. Please feel free to contact us!!

Nasu Factory


We started Our Nasu Factory in 1999, at Shiobara, Nasu, Tochigi. Products: Corrugated tubes, PVC tubes, Compound materials. We deliver those products to not only to major automotive supplier but also we deliver wire protection tubes to construction equipment maker, etc. We share technology and quality control with our group factory in overseas. We are playing an important role in the group as a mother factory in both Japanese and Overseas factories. Though locally located factory, we work with headquarters closely and do our job with smooth and speed and serve you from sample make to mass production. Nasu factory is the first one in our group to start barcode reader in delivering system. With proud of “Made in Japan”, we serve you to be as a power of your “Future Strategic Planning”. 1540-1, Yonkucho, Nasushiobara, Tochigi, Japan TEL:0287-36-9811 FAX:0287-36-9818

Shanghai Factory, Shanghai Nissei Plastic Co., Ltd.


Shanghai factory started in 1994 as the first oversea factory in Nisseieco group. s With TS16949(car) and ISO13485(Medical) Certificate Shanghai factory enjoy the business from major automotive suppliers. Due to involvement of our health, quality standards of medical tube is very demanding and there is no room for for any mistake. We achieved “All-in-One” factory as same as Headquarter. And we provide from mold make and material production to mass production. We work with customers face to face to discuss design, R&D locally, and serve our valued customer for better service.

Shanghai Nissei home page

Huizhou Factory, Huizhou Nissei Plastic Co., Ltd.


Huizhou factory started in 2004. Products: Corrugate tube, PVC tube, DIP product, hard PP pipe product. Most staffs speak Japanese fluently and they serve and do follow up with customer as same as in Japan.

Tianjin Factory, Tianjin Nissei Plastic Co., Ltd.


Tianjin factory now serve as a logistic and distribution center. In China Shanghai Nissei, Huizhou Nissei, Tianjin Nissei serve our customer with punctual and speedy delivery.

Vietnam Factory (Haiphong) NISSEIECO VIETNAM CO.,LTD.


Vietnam factory started in November 2006 and located at the biggest harbor in north of Vietnam. Products: Corrugate tube, PVC tube, etc. Main customers are Japan manufacturer in Nomura Haiphong industrial park. Vietnam Factory is one of the largest production and sales volume in our group. In November 2015 we started to produce DIP and medical products. In the future, we will be not only supply center in Vietnam but also to be for all country in Southeast Asia. Since our customer are starting to move from China to Vietnam of their production function, we are going to serve them better by suppling products for automotive, household appliance and medical.

Vietnam Factory (Ho Chi Minh) NISSEIECO VIETNAM CO.,LTD.


Started Jan. 2013 at VSIP(Vietnam Singapore Industrial Park) in Ho-Chi Minh (Binh Duong), south of Vietnam. Products: Corrugate tube, PVC tube, etc. As export supply center in VSIP for customers of Automotive suppliers, Household appliance and Medical suppliers in southeast Asian countries. We also are the supply center for Vietnam customers who moved from China.

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