Covering, Custom made Plastic
    Molded Products to Assembling
    according to customers order.
    Production site at Shanghai
    and Vietnam with Clean Room.


    To meet various customer’s needs,
    we offer Custom Made Material
    For Heat, Fire, Whether Resistant,
    Flexibility, Deodorizing, etc.
    Even we produce our original
    materials and always try to get
    better quality and performance…


    As our Motto, “All In One” says,
    we do original mold making and
    Also from design proposal matched
    to our customer’s needs to various
    finished products using Injection,
    Extruding, Dip molding, etc. Gathering
    every sections human resources expertise….

Molding Technology

“All In One” production process, from Design & Mold making to molding.

Application Performance

Our products serve you in many ways at everyday life in different place.

We are your partner for your global expansion

Country: Borderless assistance with same quality and service.
From China, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, and Japan.
We deliver high quality molded plastic products with speed
and we can contribute to enhance your local purchasing ratio
of material to match your need for globalization.



Nisseieco Nasu Factory Aerial Video

We have took the aerial video at Nasu factory. Nisseieco Nasu factory is located in natural place called Nasunomachi West. There are office, PVC tube factory, corrugate factory, material warehouse, distribution warehouse. Please visit our Nasu factory. Please check the other video of us in Youtube. Page of NISSEI GROUP video


2016 Summer Holidays & Stocktaking

Dear, Thank you very much for the care of us. There are summer holidays and stocktaking between August and September. We are sorry about the shipment will be paused during summer holidays and stocktaking. If you have any problem or emergency request, please feel free to contact us. Summer Holidays 11 Aug 2016(Thu) ~ 15 Aug 2016(Mon) 16 Aug 2016(Tue) ~ Working day Stocktaking 31 Aug 2016(Wed) ~ 1 Sep 2016(Thu) Shipment pauses 2 Sep 2016(Fri) Shipment restores Contacts Fujisawa factory: Chin (in charge of affairs) Nasu factory: Kiyomizu (in charge of affairs) Please contact us as soon as possible if you have any problem.


Fujisawa 360° Photograph

Nisseieco Fujisawa factory 360° Photograph Please check the photograph if you are first time visit our factory. You can drag the mouse to see the other angle of the photograph. [cardboard id=”1025″]


Web Site Renewal

Homepage of Nisseieco have been updated at 1 Jun 2016. We updated more information of our technology and products. It also support mobile mechanic such as smartphone. Thank you for visiting our page.