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Antistatic Plastic Injection Molding

In order to protect different types of products. We provide injection molding products which made by “AR Antistatic” material.

Since plastic is easy to accumulate static electricity, “AR Antistatic” material will permanently exhibit the antistatic effect.

Injection molding products which made by styrene elastomer is as soft as PVC products. We also provide PVC-free products for various customer’s needs.

Antistatic plastic injection molding is great for dust proof, avoid any damage from ESD.

“AR Cap” is our standard product. We also do R & D to meet various customer’s needs. Please feel free to contact us.

Product Example: AR Cap

Application: Protect terminals, receiver, leak prevention of drug, etc

1.Replace halogen free by PVC
2.φ3 ~ φ20 18 sizes of inner diameter
3.Natural and black 2 types of color are available

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